Picture gallery

In order to give you some first impressions of the book "Call from Heaven" and the life of Hans Bieri, here you can see some Photos from his past, significant Adventures which are documented, so that they can be remembered forever, snapshots which he doesn’t want to miss in his life, and Photos taken in the presence, which make his life so particular. A cosy get-together with friends, photos from his travels all over the world and of the most important people in his life, who have made him the man he is today. Beautiful photos if his children and grandchildren, in which you can feel the love literally.

Of course one thing can’t be missing: the impressive photos from the aviation for which Hans Bieri has never lost his passion. Various aircraft models, which he has flown by taking flying lessons and also when he worked. Powered aircraft, biplanes, small cruise flights, different models in which flying was always slightly different, but distinctive as well. High above the clouds, whether in a balloon or an aeroplane, the "Call from Heaven" can be seen in many of these pictures and not only demonstrates Hans Bieri's passion, but also his attitude towards life.