International books

Hans Bieri is anxious to ensure that his book is available not only in his native language, but also in other languages. He has travelled a lot all over the world, has lived and worked in Canada and other countries in America and has got to know both impressive countries and a great many special people. In order to invite these people to join go through his life experiences and adventures as well, the book has been translated into English and Chinese.

However, Hans Bieri did not simply write this book for friends, acquaintances or his family, moreover, to take his love for God to other people closer and perhaps give them an opportunity to find the way to God and lay their lives in the hands of God. God followed Hans Bieri to all the places in the whole world he has been to. He is everywhere. This is the reason why it is so important for Hans Bieri that "Call from Heaven" should be available in as many languages as possible and help the people find their way to God.